Enterprise Social Network Application

Bizsquad helps your company make faster, better, and smarter decisions.


Our Business Adaptability

Bizsquad understands the importance and power of being unified as one for a company. Every bit of your company can be transferred to cyber workspaces on Bizsquad. Getting ready for productive remote-working, managing multiple businesses, and global collaboration is easy and simple with us.

Customizable Workspaces

Fit with your company and its business routine. If you subscribe to Bizsquad’s Enterprise Private Plan, after professional consultation with our team, your company will be ready for digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Unlike any other collaboration tool, Bizsquad can contain any type of organizational structure. You can focus on working faster and deeper, both internally and externally, without any need for changes.

Business Communication

Make Every Interaction More Effective

Business communication should be quick, precise and informative for enhanced collective understanding. Our solution is simple. We incorporate all three. And the results are amazing.

Business Post

Our Business Posting powered by three features is certainly a better way to communicate.

Editor: Organize your thoughts and express them accordingly.
Tag & Who: Select what kind of information you deliver and to whom.
Deadline Reminder: Stay up to date.


Squad chat

Make workflow smoother with the ability to chat with all members of the Squad, whether its private general or agile squad.

Personal/Group Chat

Instant message is the fastest way of reaching out to people. Search for people in the Members tab and send your message. Invite more people to create a group chat.

Video Conference

Better and faster real-time video meeting available for individuals, groups, or squad.