Why Bizsquad?

Our Mission

Our Mission

We Are Different

We have learned one thing amid this pandemic. Digital Transformation is not an option anymore.

There’s no shortage of collaboration tools out there. But do any of them really understand how major businesses work?
We present three key changes to facilitate a paradigm shift to the world.

Bizsquad vs. others

Any company can fit into Bizsquad

Other collaboration tools force you to change your company framework to match them. With Bizsquad, that is unnecessary.

Regardless of a company size, type, and structure, Bizsquad can provide a perfect fit not only for your company but also for your business partners and clients.

If you choose our Private Cloud Plan, you will receive a careful consultation with our team, then be able to access your customized workspace to optimize efficiency in processes, created just for you.

Business Communication

Threads → Business Posts + Messages

We believe that deeper understanding and faster interaction are what matter most in business.

Bizsquad is not just a software company. We cultivate your organizational culture. A transformative tool meant for your enterprise.

Business Post
  • Take your time for important matters
  • Organized and logical, drives consensus
  • Demonstrate your responsibleness
  • Manage projects clearly
  • The Email Alternative
Instant Message
  • Save time on smaller tasks
  • Quick and dynamic, creates moment
  • A way of brainstorming and participation
  • The workflow of a project
  • Easy to reach out to anyone in a company
Business Post empowered by some of our productive interaction features makes getting work done ever faster and accurate:
Editor, Who & Tag, and Deadline reminder
Changing Perspectives

Individual → Squad

The Paradigm Shift in Perspectives

All valuable information shared via personal messages, emails, phone calls, or collaboration tools is lost because it is cached in variable databases of individuals. With Bizsquad, you can store all business information in a reservoir called Squad.



Most tech companies think
  • Connecting workers without understanding dynamics is okay.
  • Using Messages is effective for fast conversation.
  • Their tech brings innovation to everyone, regardless of the type company.
Bizsquad believes
  • Understanding how businesses work is essential, then connect workers accordingly for maximum productivity.
  • Utilizing Business Posts + Messages allows for deeper and faster conversation.
  • Ultimately, innovation comes from Agile Management with Information Reservoir.

What is Squad Management?

For companies to survive and thrive in The Next Normal, they need:

Internal Motivation

Business Executives and Managers provide an environment that inspires self-motivated employees.


Employees work as business specialists, having responsibility.

Delegation in the Field

Company trusts their employees for effective delegation in the field that takes care of voices of customers and handles feedback in a timely manner.

Enterprise Social Network Application

Manage your work with agility and using our system to boost productivity.